I.T. Support

I.T. Support

Out IT Partner always welcomes the opportunity to work with new clients and should you find yourself in need of some ’emergency I.T. support’ they would be only too glad to assist.

Our IT partner offers a full complement of I.T. services including pro-active, re-active and project management.


Pro-active I.T. support is a core element of their business and enables them to effectively defend against unnecessary interruptions from both hardware and software issues. Through experience they can help safeguard your business from costly ‘downtime’ and should a disaster strike they utilise the systems they have in place to get you back up and running just as quickly as possible.


Our IT partner prides themselves on offering unrivalled response and an excellent time-to-resolution track record. By taking the time to understand their customers and their requirements they can often provide a choice of solutions which can help get you back up and working with minimal disruption.


With so much of the I.T. market moving online with buzz words like cloud hosting it is important that you recognise both the pro’s and drawbacks of the available options. Our partner offers full assistance in making the right decisions for your business based on your present and future requirements and tailored to your budget.


A large percentage of our partner’s I.T. support clients prefer to opt for an I.T. contract rather than pay as you go. The main advantage is that that they guarantee to respond to problems regardless of their severity within agreed timescales – they offer a selection of options which can be chosen based on customers budgets and requirements.


Using online remote access software our partner is able remotely access customers (both existing and new) computers from their office without the need for physically visiting your premises. There are two main benefits of this solution which are cost (they can reduce their standard rates for remote support as no travel is required) and time to respond and resolve. For example, if a customer reports an error with emails they can log in remotely within just a couple of minutes and work on the problem immediately – his also allows them to have access to their own systems should additional resources or information be required.


When remote I.T. support isn’t an option, for example if your internet connection goes down or hardware develops a fault or when you would rather see our partner face to face they are more than happy to travel to your premises. All their service level agreement customers have on-site support integrated into their contracts as they believe it of great importance that they get to know their customers and understand how they work.


Our partner aims to be as readily available as possible, so they accept multiple channels including telephone, email, instant chat, text message or even by royal mail!


Where possible our IT partners chosen method is through their helpdesk where customers can raise support tickets which are forwarded to their own technicians. However, when this isn’t appropriate they will log your support request for you allowing them to work towards resolving your problems just as quickly as possible.

Their helpdesk offers the following advantages both to them and their customers:

  • Monitoring of SLA agreements.
  • Response times and resolution times.
  • Repeat problems.
  • Provision of customer focused knowledgebase.
  • Monitoring of support requests by managers.


Recently our partner has setup a text alert service which allows them to update customers when they become aware of problems which will affect them. This has been very well received as it allows them to be pre-emptive of customers having to report issues on which they are already actively working towards resolution.

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