Water Switching

Water Switching

Water De-regulation is here in the UK

What does this mean for your business? Competition in the business sector for water and sewerage services has already began and many companies in Scotland, Wales and England are taking advantage of this and are saving significant sums of money. This long overdue change is fantastic news for the consumer and offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Increased customer choice.
  • Improved service provisions.
  • Stimulates innovation.
  • Drives more sustainable approaches to managing resources.

All businesses in Scotland, England and Wales no matter what size, can switch both water supplier and waste water supplier.

Businesses are saving tens of millions of pounds by spending less on water consumption and sewerage services since the introduction of market competition in 2008 (Scotland) 2017 (England and Wales).

If you have a business and haven’t already switched it couldn’t be easier.

Our partner is one of the UK’s leading water management companies and all they require is some basic information regarding your location, current supplier and your meter.

What has our partner set up for De-regulation

  • Access to all suppliers for competitive pricing and service levels. This includes flexible contract term ranging from 1-36 months opt-out clauses with no penalties.
  • Priority to opt into our “buying basket” whereby you will be offered premium tariff rates as part of a consortium buying group. Water companies will competitively bid for your business.
  • Quarterly newsletter keeping you up-to-date on market forces and legislation changes. We will help you obtain an understanding of this market.
  • A unique water health-check including tariff analysis to identify overcharges that can be refunded to you ranging back over a period 6 year (5 years Scotland).

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