Water Rates

Water Rates

We work with the leading UK’s water cost reduction specialists, with years of experience of auditing your water bills and negotiating with all the water and sewerage companies across the United Kingdom. To-date our partner has found rebates and savings for their clients more than £10 million.

In these circumstances the overpayment can be claimed back for up to 6 years.

Due to the complexity of pricing structures and the reorganisation of water companies, many businesses are paying more than they should for their water. Our partners are currently helping hundreds of companies across the UK, to reduce their costs and are claiming water and sewerage rebates on a weekly basis.

1 in 3 of our partners clients are being overcharged. Have you had your water bills audited? Our partner can arrange to carry out a free no-obligation review on your water charges. There are no upfront fees to pay as all their work is completed on a performance-related fee basis.

If you have not overpaid there will be no fee payable for the work completed, and you will have the benefit of knowing that what you are paying is the right amount and no more.

Our Partner’s Process

To carry out your free water audit, all our partner requires is a copy of your last 12 months water bills, a letter of authority for them to act on your behalf and the completion of a brief questionnaire to ensure they have all the necessary information about your operation such as opening hours, number of staff and business type. Your bills will be fully audited, and an on-site survey carried out if required – you will receive an update with a summary report within 4 weeks.

There are no upfront fees to pay as all our partner’s work is completed on a performance-related fee basis. If savings are achievable, a fee is then payable from these savings, but only once you have received the money back from your supplier. Also, if it can be proven that you have overpaid, it is possible that you may have overpaid in previous years.

Once your annual savings have been confirmed this will result in the following year’s bills being substantially reduced with no further fee to pay.

Ways to save

Free Water Audit

The starting point is a water audit which will provide you with a full understanding of where and how water is used on your site. Our partner’s experienced team of analysts and surveyors will check your current and historic charges and ensure that you are being charged correctly. It is often the case that business customers are incorrectly charged for these services.

Cost Savings

Our partner will calculate the potential cost savings by identifying any tariff discrepancies in your surface water and highways drainage charges, check all allowances/abatements have been correctly applied, meter sizes/charges are correct and assessing if you are entitled to any refunds. Typically, savings of between 20-30% are achieved.


Leaks can often go unnoticed for years adding significantly to your business water costs. Our partner’s thorough analysis enables them to benchmark your consumption against the number of users and activity on site to quickly identify if there is leakage. Their leak technicians will qualify how much water has been lost and make a leakage allowance claim on your behalf as far back as 6 years.


Recycling of water inevitably saves costs. Our partner can make recommendations to implement solutions for recycling your water where applicable, particularly where water is used in processing and manufacturing. To ensure effective use of incoming water, rain water harvesting is a relatively simple concept using the draining rain water from your premises.

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